Making Positivity a Thing

Our Mission:


Cool Dope (v.) C.onsidering O.thers’ O.bstacles in L.ife, D.ish O.ut P.ositive E.nergy

We’re giving kids of all ages the power to change the world, one positive vibe at a time. Action starts with us – yes, all of us!


The Vision

When I first told my mom I wanted to give back to others, she went looking for places I could volunteer. But, the answer was always the same… “He’s too young to help.” So, I created Cool & Dope to change that and show the world that we aren’t too young to have a positive impact.

<<< See that picture? That’s my 12-year-old cousin delivering water to residents in Flint, Michigan!

See the Power of Positivity

The Work.

Since Cool & Dope started in 2018, we have been able to spread positive energy and help from our homebase in Montgomery County, Maryland to Boston, Flint, and even Atlanta.

But that is just the start. Our goal, every year, is to support at least one community service act every month.

There’s a lot of people in need and our growing tribe of world-changing kids is ready to take action!


Raised In donations

We’re building incredible momentum and we’re on a mission to take every dollar donated and spread positive energy to those in need!




From our Flint water drop in July 2018 to helping the homeless in Atlanta, to getting February 21st dedicated as Bullying Awareness Day, we’re dedicated to spreading love across the country.



Minimum age of our volunteers

No child should be told that they are too little to help. We’re focused on giving kids of all ages the power to make a difference in their communities and in the world!

The Action

Are you a kid looking to give back to others? Are you a parent, educator, or adult hoping to dish out positive energy too? We have a host of ways you can get involved either with us or in your own local community.

Cool & Dope isn’t just a website… we’re trying to make it a way of life. Connect with us via email or social media and we’d love to hear your ideas – and have you help!

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Get in on the movement

Ready to lend a helping hand and volunteer? Let us know! All ages are always welcomed :)

Give us some cash love

Every little bit counts! Whether you can spare $1 or $100, it will go to creating something positive!